Privacy Policy and Personal Data Treatment

G4 Global Partners takes the privacy of your personal data very seriously. Through this Privacy Policy and Personal Data Treatment (“Privacy Policy”), G4 Global Partners presents to the USERS the personal data that we collect, why we collect and what we do with it, as well as the procedures followed by us to protect the data. BY ACCEPTING THE PRESENT PRIVACY POLICY AND ACCESSING OUR WEBSITE, THE USER DECLARES TO BE THE HOLDER OF THE PERSONAL DATA PROVIDED OR HAVE AUTHORIZATION TO PROVIDE THEM AND DECLARES TO AGREE TO THESE TERMS ON HIS BEHALF OR ON BEHALF OF THE HOLDER, AND SUBMIT TO THE CONDITIONS OF THIS PRIVACY POLICY.


G4 Global Partners is an international recruitment company specialized in strategic positions whose ambition is to promote a far-reaching impact on careers and businesses all over the world. Our leader company, G4 Global Partners, is headquartered in Brazil but we have offices all over the world, acting in over 45 countries and more than 150 cities.

Key terms

For the purposes of this Privacy Policy, the following terms have the meanings set forth below:

“Accept”: means the act of the USER to click the box “I’ve read and agree with the Privacy Policy” set forth on our Website. Such act implies prior, express and informed consent of the USER regarding all the provisions of this Privacy Policy, especially covering the request and granting of authorization for the collection, use, storage and transfer of the database composed of Personal Data, among others information.

“Client” means any company to whom we provide our Services and register on our Website and/or send us information through our Communication Channel.

“Candidate” means any natural person who has registered on our Website in order to make their information available to our Clients.

“Personal Data” means any and all data collected from USERS related to an identified or identifiable natural person.

“Users” means the Clients or Candidates who register on our WebSite or submit personal data through our Communication Channel.

“Services” means the services promoted by G4 Global Partners to Clients in recruitment, market mapping or assessment projects.


When the Candidate register on our Website, he/she authorizes the collection, access, use, storage and transfer of his/her Personal Data by G4 Global Partners, providing he/she free Accept with the terms set forth herein.

Personal Data may also be collected from natural persons related to our Clients if such information is sent and made available to us through our Communication Channel. The sending of such information confers the free Accept with the terms set forth herein.

If the USER (Client or Candidate) does not agree to consent to this Privacy Policy or with our Terms of Use, the USER shall immediately discontinue the use of our services. Disagreement with this Privacy Policy or our Terms of Use will result in the impossibility to Candidates to conclude the registration on our Website and the termination of the provision of G4 Global Partners’ services to Clients, considering that all data collected have a specific and indispensable purpose for the use of our Website and for the availability of our services.

The Personal Data are collected when inserted or voluntarily submitted by the Candidate when he/she access our Website or by the USER when he/she sends information through our Communication Channel. The Personal Data collected are listed in item III below.

G4 Global Partners is solely and exclusively responsible for provision of the Services, as well as is responsible for registering USERS on the Website, being responsible for the protection of the data collected, in accordance with Privacy Policy.


What data do we collect?

Data collected from Candidates. If you are a Candidate, you shall provide us the following data at the time of registration on our Website:

  1. Name;
  2. E-mail;
  3. Telephone;
  4. Address;
  5. Academic Information;
  6. Information related to your professional life; and
  7. Password.

In addition to the Personal Data requested at the time of registration on our Website, additional personal information may be collected through the upload of your resume, information sent through our Communication Channel, by personal or phone interviews or also information published on Linkedin and other related websites.

Data Collected from Clients. If you are our Client, the following personal information of the natural person responsible for communicating with G4 Global Partners may be collected through our Communication Channel:

  1. Name;
  2. E-mail; and
  3. Country.

In addition to the data mentioned above, we may collect additional personal information through the content of the message sent to us through our Communication Channel.

Some data may be collected automatically when the USER accesses our Website such as IP address, device type, unique identification numbers, browser type, wide geographic location (e.g., location at the level of the country or city), length of stay on our Website, information from other accessed pages and other information necessary to trace your profile and improve our Services. To learn more, please visit our Cookie Policy.

The USER is not obliged to provide to G4 Global Partners any personal data. However, any personal data provided will be considered as voluntarily provided and may be used, treated and shared under the terms of this Privacy Policy. If, however, the USER is not willing to provide us certain requested data, our Services may be provided with some limitation. 

G4 Global Partners is committed to keeping Personal Data stored in its data base confidentiality, in a controlled and secure environment, using systems, policies and technology to protect the information.

G4 Global Partners will only retain information for the purpose specified herein, in accordance with the consent given by the USER by accepting this Privacy Policy and in accordance with the legislation in force. USERS who request the deletion of their information will have their request evaluated by G4 Global Partners, in compliance with applicable law.


The Personal Data collected from the USERS may be used to the following purposes:

  1. Identify them properly on our Website;
  2. Analyze Personal Data for market analysis purposes;
  3. Perform statistics, studies and surveys relevant to the provision of our Services;
  4. Sharing the Candidates´ Personal Data with our Clients;
  5. Send to the User information such reports, promotions, surveys, event invitations and information we may consider interesting (in each case, according to your profile);
  6. Responding appropriately to your requests and questions;
  7. Improve the use and experience of navigation on our Website;
  8. Protect us from rights and obligations related to use of our Website and our Services;
  9. Collaborate and/or comply with court order or requests by the administrative authority;
  10. For the exercise and defense of any right of G4 Global Partners, by its own criteria, including in the course of judicial or administrative proceedings;
  11. Provide them to public bodies, authorities and other entities, as well as to individuals or legal entities of a private nature, in compliance with a legal obligation or court order;
  12. Share the Personal Data collected using technology of cookies, to provide

a better experience for our USERS and;

  1. Share and assign Personal Data collected to business partners for the specific purpose of enriching their database and preventing fraud and associated risks.

Some of the Personal Data we may collect about Candidates (in appropriate circumstances and in accordance with applicable law) are considered as “sensitive data”. It is information about ethnic origin, gender, health, sexual orientation, religion or others.

Such Personal Data may be informed to our Clients when it is contractually required or when this information are necessary to allow them to comply with their own recruitment processes, but always in accordance with the applicable law.

The use of Personal Data may possibly cover purposes other than those set out above provided that it is duly authorized upon prior and express consent of the USER.

G4 Global Partners may send advertising messages to the USER about products, services, promotions, news and others that are customized from the information collected, solely and exclusively for G4 Global Partners´sole purpose.


The database formed through the collection of USERS´Personal Data is our property and responsibility, and its use, access and sharing, when necessary, will be within the purposes of G4 Global Partners´ business and in accordance with Privacy Policy.

G4 Global Partners uses physical and electronic systems, policies, procedures and technology that provide security to Personal Data in accordance with applicable law. Personal Data will be stored anonymously or encrypted in order to ensure the security and privacy of USERS.

However, considering that no security system is infallible, G4 Global Partners is exempted from any liability for any damages and/or losses arising from failures, viruses or intrusions in G4 Global Partners database, except in cases where G4 Global Partners acts guilty or negligent.

The USER is aware that the password for access the Website is of a personal and non-transferable nature and is responsible for keeping it confidential, as well as for any damages arising from the misuse of the password by third parties, including regarding the undue access and use of your Personal Data. The access password should not be shared with third parties, in this case, the USER is responsible for all acts committed by third parties due to the sharing of the access password.

Internally, the Personal Data of our USERS are accessed only by professionals duly authorized by G4 Global Partners, through access control, respecting the principles of proportionality, necessity and relevance to the objectives of G4 Global Partners, in addition to the commitment of confidentiality and preservation of privacy under this Privacy Policy. 

Personal Data obtained from our USERS may be stored on our own servers or third party contracted for this purpose, allocated in Brazil and other countries, and may also be stored by cloud computing technology and/or others that arise in the future. In any case, G4 Global Partners takes all necessary measures to ensure the security of Personal Data and USERS’ privacy.

Considering that our services are performed on an ongoing basis, the Personal Data collected will be stored in our database until the USER requests its deletion.

Deleting candidates’ registration on our WebSite only means that registration will be inactivated and cannot be shared with our Clients or third parties from the date of deletion of registration. However, G4 Global Partners informs that, as the transfer of the data may have occurred before the date of deletion of the registration, to ensure the effective deletion of your personal data in our database and of our Clients or third parties contracted, the Candidate must contact us through our Communication Channel.

Sharing Personal Data

Your Personal Data may be shared with: (i) our Clients, when the USER is a Candidate; (ii) with companies of our group (a list of companies is listed below); (iii) with any competent police, regulatory or governmental body, only if requested by an official agent of the jurisdiction or when necessary to defend the rights of G4 Global Partners; (iv) with potential buyer or investor (and their agents and consultants) in any proposed acquisition / investment of our business or part of it; (v) with third parties contracted to perform services on our behalf, always with due data protection; or (vi) to other persons, always upon your prior consent and for the Purposes set forth above.

International Personal Data Transfers

Your personal information may be transferred, stored and processed in countries other than the country in which you reside.

Our group companies and service providers operate all over the world. This means that when we collect your personal information, we may process it in any of the countries where our companies and service providers are located.

However, we have adopted appropriate safeguards to ensure that your personal information remains protected in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

Rights of the USERS

If you wish to access, correct or update your personal information, you can do so at any time by accessing your registration on our WebSite or by contacting us through our Communication Channel as set forth below.

By the same addresses and service tools, the USER may request the definitive deletion of their Personal Data or also revoke his/her Accept, provided that the relationship between the USER and G4 Global Partners has finished and the minimum legal period for the storage of Personal Data has elapsed. As mentioned above, G4 Global Partners will review the request for exclusion or revocation of Accept and contact the USER.

You have the right to disable the general communications and marketing notifications we send at any time. You can exercise this right by clicking the “choose not to participate link in the marketing emails we send to you. To choose not to participate in other forms of marketing (such as postal marketing or telemarketing), please contact us using the contact details provided in the “Communication Channel” section below.


In order to improve our services, this Privacy Policy may be updated periodically.

In the event of any update, you will be notified at least 10 days prior to the amendment of this Privacy Policy and you will have the opportunity to review such changes before they become effective, unless if the changes was required by law. In any case, you shall grant new consent to the updated Privacy Policy to continue using our services.

We hope you will continue to use our services, but if you do not agree to our updated Privacy Policy and no longer wish to use our services, you inactivated your account at any time.


Please do not hesitate to reach us in case of any comments, questions, complains or suggestions about the information or practices described in this Privacy Policy.

You can reach us sending an e-mail to