Assessments Projects

People are the most prized asset of any organization. Although there are several highly qualified professionals on the market, each pivotal role in every company has a unique set of requirements that can only be entirely fulfilled by few. When teams are wisely built and managed, businesses are able to thrive in the most
challenging times.
Work experience and technical skills are vital for any strategic positions. However, core values and personality traits can be equally or even more relevant, since behavioral changes are extraordinarily hard to achieve. The ideal behavioral profile for a role is key to enable the professionals and leaderships to successfully perform their responsibilities, as well as efficiently integrate in the organizational culture. Employees that fit these criteria are able to deliver better results, adapt more readily, have greater job satisfaction, remain longer in the organization and impel a long-term business growth.

  • G4 Global Partners
  • Besides having a solid experience in the recruitment market, our team is
    certified in world-class assessment tools, validated by more than 400 research studies.
    We conduct in-depth analyses over behavioral tendencies, core values, motivations,
    potential derailleurs, leadership skills and cultural fit to understand how a candidate
    would perform in a key role. Beyond delivering insightful data, our expertise allows us
    to interpret those behavioral profiles and assist our clients to select the best-suited
    candidate for every position.

  • Clients who aspire to gain a deeper understanding of their teams can highly
    benefit from our insightful Assessment Projects. G4 Global Partners will conduct a
    broad investigation over employee´s behavioral traits to evaluate if there are high
    potential talents to successfully pursue leadership roles or other key challenges in the
    organization. Our thorough analyses will support clients to make well-founded
    strategic decisions – such as investing in development initiatives, succession plans or
    new hires.

  • Our unique methods, combined with G4 Global Partners´ personalized
    consultancy, add value to a wide range of development initiatives, including coaching
    processes. We offer actionable insights concerning professionals´ leadership skills and
    traits that might prove to be positive or critical, depending on the challenges faced by
    them. Our resourceful team will work closely with clients to provide accurate project
    scopes and contribute in the design of the most effective development programs.