The World’s Most Demanding Skills

In order to reach your peak performance in your industry, its essential to have the skills to do so. The workforce is changing, so read more and find out what skills will get you hired in 2017.

In this ever-changing workforce, it’s vital to be on top of career trends. As important as it is to have work experience as well as basic skill sets, it’s a competitive world out there, therefore, it’s fundamental to be constantly improving yourself — always in the pursuit of lifelong learning. Certain skills that could be in-demand in the beginning of the year, maybe are not so high when the new year unfolds. In fact, as per a recent LinkedIn report on user data points, skills like SEO/SEM dropped five spots this year on their list of top skills for 2017.  Read more and find out what made it to our list of top in-demand skills as well as what employers in the world are looking for in an employee for this year.

As cited previously, marketing skills like SEO/SEM and marketing campaign management are getting lighter in demand, especially in the US. They were very high in 2015, but unfortunately, a lot of things have changed. On the other hand, User interface design has beamed, so if you’re in the Digital Design field, we highly recommend acquiring this skill.

If you’re tech-savvy, you are in luck. Due to the new future of technology, technical skills are in extremely high demand worldwide. As you can see, computer programming and designing skills dominate the list of skills employers are looking for most in employees. Employers also need employees with cloud and distributed computingstatistical analysis, and data-mining skills to stay competitive.

Those who are not technically savvy, not to worry, while it did not make to our list— Social media management, Facebook marketing, and content writing are all among the top skills, too, according to UpWorkrelease. In Opportunity’sreportseveral sales-related aptitudes ranked highly for next year’s most sought-after skills as well.

According to LinkedIn, skills in HR and Compensation are high in demand for Brazil and the UK, while in the United Arab Emirates, Public Policy and International Relations are what employers are looking for. Moreover, Java Development it in its all-time high in the U.S.

While the labor force is getting more and more competitive, it’s more important than ever to stand out. Take this opportunity and start to acquire the skills you need to succeed in the new year. But keep in mind, the workforce is constantly changing, so lifelong education is important to be on top of your game, as well as staying updated on current job market trends.

By: Kimberly Milani

Contributor: Mariana Paranhos

Images: Getty Images